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Acrylic Splashbacks for Bathrooms, Showers, Laundries and Kitchens

Is your kitchen, bathroom or laundry looking a little dated or drab? An acrylic splashback can be an easy and relatively inexpensive way to inject some much needed style and jazz up a tired space. Here we explore the acrylic splashback and latest trends in style and design.

What is an Acrylic Splashback?

Acrylic splashbacks look a lot like glass, which is part of their appeal as theytend to cost much less. They are often used to modernise a bathroom, kitchen,laundry or shower. Installed in kitchens they look stunning with a fireproof insertbehind the cook top. Acrylic is essentially a rigid plastic with an incredibly hightransparency, so it won’t develop a yellow tinge over time. Installed in long sheetsor as a simple panel, an acrylic splashback is a relatively easy and inexpensiveway to modernise your home and impress guests and prospective buyers.The beauty of acrylic splashbacks is that they come in a rainbow of colours. Weare able to match any Dulux or other colours from their expansive colour range.

Why Choose an Acrylic Splashback?

Here are a few of the many benefits of Acrylic Splashbacks:
  • Durable and Versatile
  • Available in plain and metallic colours
  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth and Hygienic
  • No grout, so no chemical cleaners needed
  • Cut to size to eliminate seams and joins
  • Optically transparent creating the same stunning colour depth as glass
Why are our splashbacks different from the splashbacks found at major hardware stores?
  • We use the highest German quality on the market – it’s acrylic and not coated, coloured PVC like other polymer splashbacks
  • Our acrylic is spray painted on the rear and not a colour layer glued to the back
  • Available for DIY. Cut to your measurements up to 3050 x 2040 x 6mm. Available at Ozziesplash.

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Splashback in Blue Oar

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