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choosing colours

Looking for colours?

Pat the parrots,
and fly over to the Dulux Colour Wall


number one

Check for colour distortion

Always keep in Mind!
You’re putting colour onto the backside of either glass or acrylic. You “See” the colour, however, by looking at it through the front side of the material, which means that the colour will always look slightly different.


Take colour samples home

Another option for you is to head over to your local paint shop.
Choose a few colours and take them home. Stick them to your wall, next to each other but with some gaps between them. Cover all but one with your hand in front of your eye and view how each colours goes with your decor.design.


number two

number three

Sticky-Tape your colour swatches

Remember colour distortioning, No.1?
To overcome this and get closer to how your colour will likely to appear through glass or acrylic, simply cover your colour swatches with a clear sticky. Voila – see the difference?


You chose the colour
OzzieSplash puts it onto your Acrylic and Glass Splashbacks.


Acrylic and Glass Splashbacks are available in a huge range of designer colours. Above image is only the tip of the iceberg.

In our factory we then mix colours to replicate your chosen colour for matching your home decor/design. If you followed our simple 3-steps guide above, all you need to do is send us your chosen Dulux colour code. As simple as that.

Alternatively, you may even send us a tile, a piece of upholstery or any other sample that clearly shows your colour preference, or you may discuss your ideas with us in our showroom. And don’t forget, “The Dulux Colour Wall” is always a good start.

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