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To Look At Glass Vs Acrylic You Can Hardly See The Difference. And Yet, They Are So Very Different.

While they look the same, Acrylic has so many advantages over glass. Once you read the differences you’ll wonder why you would ever use glass for a splashback.


Acrylic has that wonderful shine that we continue to love. Plus it’s highly resistant to marks and scratches so it will continue to look amazing for years to come. With a wide range of Dulux colours available we can fit a colour to match your space.

The Acrylic we use is high quality and made to the highest standards. This ensures you get a great look that will continue for years to come. Poorer quality Acrylic tends to fade or scratch easily.


Glass is a great material for splashbacks. Especially compared with tiles or worse, no splashback at all. Glass has a beautiful shiny finish that looks absolutely stunning.

The advantage Glass has over Acrylic is that it can withstand higher temperatures and therefore can be used behind stovetops. To overcome this with Acrylic we supplement it with Metaline® behind stovetops. We can also use a stainless steel insert which looks great with stainless steel appliances. We can also just use Glass behind the stove and use Acrylic everywhere else. To the untrained eye there’s no difference.

A Beautiful and easy to clean Acrylic Splashback in Orange Delish (1)

Why Is Acrylic So Much Better Than Glass

Acrylic really is an amazing product and the benefits make it so much more appealing than glass.

It costs less

Acrylic costs less than glass. This is because of the production process, the lighter handling for shipping and the ease of cutting. To add powerpoint holes and do other modifications is a fraction of the price you would pay to cut glass. Plus there’s almost no chance of cracking or chipping Acrylic.

It wont break

Acrylic is up to 10 times stronger than Glass and more flexible. This reduces the risk of damage during the installation but also afterwards. This makes it particularly suitable for DIYers who want to have a go themselves.

It’s lighter and easier to handle

Acrylic is almost half the weight of glass. With Acrylic a single person can carry and move the panels ready for install. Glass requires at least 2 people for the same size sheet. And yet the Acrylic sheet is still stronger than the glass.

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