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Can An Acrylic Splashback Be Put Over Tiles?

The short answer is Yes.
Our acrylic splashbacks can be installed directly over tiles.
The tiles need to be clean, dry, dust free and secured to the wall – not falling off or loose.
High gloss tiles may require sanding and clearing of dust prior to installing the acrylic splashbacks directly over them.
You need to also ensure the surface is relatively flat and smooth and you use the correct adhesive.
Our acrylic splashbacks are supplied cut to size and shape and delivered directly to you – across Australia – for quick and easy installation. The perfect splashback for DIY’ers, builders and renovators to use and install.
Placed in kitchens, showers and laundries, OzzieSplash Splashbacks not only protects your walls from water damage but adds a stylish and grout free modern finish to your space.
Not to mention keeping our acrylic splashbacks clean is a breeze!
Unlike tiles, our acrylic splashbacks are installed in one complete piece, so there are no unsightly joins, gaps or grout for bacteria to collect in.
A simple solution of soapy water will remove food splashes and clean the surface of our acrylic splashbacks that will continue to look like new for years to come.
Note: Installing materials such as tiles, glass and acrylic in showers and wet areas does not eliminate the need for these areas to be waterproofed as per Australian building code and all associated regulations.
You may still have some questions about using our luxury acrylic splashbacks, feel free to contact us anytime.

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