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Can it go behind a cooktop ?

checkmarkLaminex® Metaline – splashback material (imported from France) was tested, approved and certified as a generally suitable splash back product for use behind benchtop cooktops/stoves.

forbiddenAcrylic Splashback – material (mostly German imported), due to the heat properties of Acrylic, is not suitable to be fitted behind benchtop cooktops. It is, however, possible to fit Acrylic behind induction cooktops and freestanding stoves.

checkmarkGlass Splashback – is generally suitable for all kinds of cooktop/stove splashback fitting in your kitchen.

For acrylic splashback fittings, OzzieSplash recommends covering the area behind your cooktop with either a; ‘Metaline®, Glass or Stainless Steel Insert’. Consult your OzzieSplash splashback consultants on (02) 4322 7900 for more detailed information.

What are the maximum sheet sizes available ?

For the Glass and Mirror splashbacks, the maximum sheet size available is between 3.6m and 4.1meter without a join

What colours do you have available?

For Acrylic and Glass splashback, your choice of colour is literally limitless. OzzieSplash uses only top of the rang, high-quality splash back paint, to paint every panel to order. In addition, you can also choose between a flat or metallic finish. How to best choose your colour, kindly refer to our Splashback Info Section or if you’re ready to pick any colour now, simply visit our online Dulux Colour Wall.

For our Laminex® Metaline® splashbacks we stock a selected range of most popular colours. You can find more information on our online Laminex Brochure

For any further information on our products, our OzzieSplash splashback consultants are happy to answer your questions. Simply call (02) 4322 7900 and discuss your requirements.

Important Note: Any colour chart should be used as a guide only since colour variations may occur due to; “the chart material, the nature of the lighting in your situation and variations in paint pigmentation.”

Do you deliver to my area?

We currently can deliver Australia wide for a DIY installation.
Fully installed by our certified installers, we currently service the Central Coast and Newcastle area as well as Sydney Hills and Northern Sydney districts. To book in for a quotation, please contact OzzieSplash on (02) 4322 7900

If I choose DIY, can you still assist?

The fact that you will install the splashback, cut to size, manufactured and delivered to you by OzzieSplash, yourself (DIY) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re left on your own. We have prepared and made available to you for free, very detailed DIY instructions. And in any case you’re stuck, OzzieSplash is only a phone call away and happy to assist as much as we can.

To help you overcome some possible doubts, why don’t you hit over to our testimonial section, and read through some comments left by other OzzieSplash DIY customers!

How fast can you deliver/install?

From the day of your order, please allow a period of up to 1-3 weeks for DIY delivery or a full installation, depending on materials availability.
We suggest you always consult OzzieSplash before you schedule your renovation timetable.

How much time do your require for installation?

That depends on your splashback requirements. As a ballpark figure, an average L-shape kitchen splashback installation can be completed within 1.5-2 hrs.
OzzieSplash will always provide you with a detailed installation schedule after accepting your order.

Will the wall behind a splashback be still visible?

No! All our painted splashback products are special backend painted. Your new OzzieSplash splashback will cover any current blemishes, marks, etc., on your wall where the splashback will be attached to.

I can buy cheaper from major hardware chains!

Yes, we are aware of that. We are also aware of the fact that none of our competitors can match our high quality material.
Cheaper products found on the market come with their quality tags. They usually are thinner, crack easier and offer a limited choice of colours. Everything has its value, indeed. We suggest you carefully run your due diligence on available options. OzzieSplash is always available for assistance and additional information and nevertheless, of course, will accept your choice of supplier on your new splashback for many years to last and enjoy.

Why shall we choose OzzieSplash?

Why not?
No, humour aside, firstly, we dislike to brag and brand ourselves as the best, No.1, etc., For you to get a better picture about OzzieSplash, we choose to let our customers speak, instead. If all, we’d perhaps point to our pride we take in our workmanship, which also means a certain Love for Details!
OzzieSplash also follows a very elaborated, application-oriented measuring method to minimise errors.
When manufacturing your splashback, we take extra care, double quality control the material from before manufacturing start and pulling it through the entire manufacturing process.
Not only are all visible edges polished, but other edges are also being smoothed and painted to avoid ugly dead-spot reflections on your splashback(edges).
Installation is another, very critical aspect. We simply don’t accept shortcuts nor will we negotiate quality levels of any kind. You – will be the best witness of our promise.
And of course, OzzieSplash can deliver oversize, and fast.

Our installations cover a 7-year building & manufacturer warranty and our own installation warranty so if anything should happen, you’re covered.

Now it’s really up to you, to make a professional decision. We’ll be always here, to render our best services to you, at all times.

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