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OzzieSplash gives you all the options, perfect and quality materials to fit your purpose, and

choices of installing your splashback or wall panels.

Installation Options

Fully Installed

OzzieSplash supply and install your splashback in parts of the Sydney North Shore and Sydney Hills District, the Central Coast and in the Newcastle area. Please ask us for areas outside these zones.
The professional touch will make sure your splashback fits properly and everything is cut in the exact location. The no stress, no mess and it’s fast.


Fully Installed

At OzzieSplash we use only the highest quality fully imported Acrylic sheets, manufactured to European quality standards, and top quality industrial lacquers.

OzzieSplash Acrylic is a proven building material, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 30 years against UV discolouration and backed by our own OzzieSplash 7 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Do It Yourself

Our factory is equipped with precision cutting tools geared towards cutting Kitchen Splashbacks to the MM and almost to any shape and size required by our customers.
Top that with our ability to mix and match almost any paint shade, meeting any of your interior décor design needs, reducing and easing your DIY job work flow, is already been taken care of by OzzieSplash before you even have to lift a tool.

Do It Yourself

OzzieSplash Acrylic wall coverings will not shatter. Our high quality Acrylic material, imported from Germany, withstands an up to fifty times stronger impact, compared to glass. Acrylic material is also flexible and extreme light-weight, allowing you a much easier, safer and faster installation.

OzzieSplash Acrylic is proven a preferred wall covering building material, guaranteed by a 30 years manufacturer warranty against UV discolouration.

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One of our products needs to be named as the Granny Winner for all ‘Do It Yourself’, short; DIY jobs. And the lucky winner is?

Acrylic – Winner of Best DIY Material

The reasons are obvious. Covered in detail already on our ‘Quest page For Brilliant Splashback Ideas‘,
we love to rub it in, simply because it’s so good, Acrylic!

cover tiles  –  light weight  –  feature walls  –  bend it

acrylic splashback benefitacrylic splashback benefitacrylic splashback benefitacrylic splashback benefit

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