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OzzieSplash are your local Splashback specialists and they specialise in the productionof Acrylic and Metaline® splashbacks and offer a cost effective high quality product. OurSplashbacks are manufactured, spray painted and finished right here in our local facilityat West Gosford.We can cut the splashbacks to your specifications, including holes for taps andother wall fittings, if required or alternatively if you have your own DIY project and arerenovating or building your own home our Acrylic splashbacks are the ideal product forDIY requirements because it can be easily installed on any vertical wall as well as overexisting tiles, brick walls, gyprock and villaboard. It is great for mixing colours to suityour personal décor as it is supplied in almost all Dulux and metallic colours.OZZIESPLASH offers a great alternative to conventional glass shower walls and wallcladding for bathrooms with an extensive range of acrylic panels. Glass shower wallsand wall cladding for bathrooms provide an elegant and easy to clean modern finish.OZZIESPLASH acrylic splashbacks offer a great alternative at half the weight, cost andtime of installation, saving builders and home owners the problems associated withcolourback.It is the modern versatile alternative to tiles or glass suitable for all vertical walls inkitchens (*not suitable behind heat source) – bathrooms – laundries – bars-butler’spantry as well as restaurants and many other domestic and commercial situations.We believe in helping you to select and install splashbacks that do the job, lookfantastic and most importantly feel right. So, before getting started call us first! Wecan help you bring the colour back into your life! “We combine our full installationservices with the DIY option and the opportunity to transform your home or businessat affordable prices without having to compromise on quality.OzzieSplash is family owned and operated and has serviced the area for the past fiveyears providing splashback installation services throughout the region. Our mission isto provide exceptional, personalized service to our valued customers. We look forwardto helping you create that fresh new look for your project.

Say “goodbye” to grout – forever!

Open Mon-Fri 9am to 4pm or byappointment – 2/13 Grieve Close,West Gosford 2250

T – 4322 7900 F – 4322 7922
E –info@ozziesplash.com.au

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