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I got an idea

We know you got some brilliant idea

Because your home, office or shop just offers itself, many times, to add an elegant splashback in acrylic to it,

… and we urge you to share your ideas with us!

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You won’t believe your eyes, but truth is, Acrylic is an amazing product and it’s just astonishing what you can do with. Best part of it? Many visitors would even bet that it is glass.

Just check out our little “Acrylic Inspiration” gallery on your left, and create your own world with an Acrylic splashback!

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ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka-ticka … did we make you brainstorm already?

Walk around your home without thinking about your bathroom, shower, laundry, or your no.1 place for adding a splashback, your kitchen. See the many other places; niches, columns, wall-returns, shelvings, or simply a plain wall, just to mention a few. Can you imagine? What if you could add something to it and never ever have worry about dirt, marks, freshen up paint?

With an OzzieSplash, you can just do that! Add value to your home, brighten it up, enjoy a colourful contrast or complement of your interior design.
OzzieSplash’s core splashback material is Acrylic. While you can easy choose Glass or even mirror, too, Acrylic may just be the one material of your choice. Why? Reasons for it are outlined below. We do hope that it will guide you in making the best decision in your choice of splashback material, depending on your circumstances. If there is anything on your mind, however, which keeps coming back, give us a call, or Email us. At OzzieSplash, we are always happy to assist.

Your benefits from using Acrylic reach far beyond of just turning it into a splashback!

  • Acrylic is the perfect product for a DIY job as it can go over existing tiles and is light to handle.
  • Mark & Stain Resistant makes it easy to clean and keep it’s shine.
  • Extensive range of colours to suit most decors. We’re limited only by your imagination
  • You can also affix Acrylic to curved surfaces!
  • Shelvings and divisions in Acrylic are a smart idea.
  • Use Acrylic for feature walls, desk/counter paneling and, oh yes, John Lennon already said it “Imagine”.

need help with colours

Yes, we know;the strain of choosing your acrylic/glass splashback colour

That is, why we here at OzzieSplash have prepared a simple, 3 steps guide, for you to relax and have fun with choosing your colours for you acrylic or glass splashback.

C’mon, don’t flip the coin,  get more help on choosing colours  it’s free, too.

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