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It’s Your Home … Do It Your Way!

No matter where you are in Australia, we’ll organise the transportation of materials to your home.



Start out by measuring all the dimensions of your job. We need both the height and the width of each section. Measure up each panel and be sure to check if all lines are straight.



Once you have your measurements all set out, send them to us for review. We’ll then process your order and will cut each panel to your exact dimensions.

Freight small


We’ll arrange all facets of the delivery to your home or workplace. Once the panels are complete they are carefully loaded on to a truck and delivered to your door.



This is where the fun begins. Installation is relatively painless. You start by lining up the panels, ensuring a good fit. You then apply padding and glue to each panel and fit it to its location. DONE.

Installation Guide

The Benefits Of Installing Your Own Splashback And Using Acrylic

  • Save money on the installation labour.
  • Receive your personal Splashback delivery direct to your door
  • Be in control of your own DIY  and your own labour time (with our ‘hand holding’ if required)
  • Cut to size and no off cuts – only pay for what you order
  • No special tools required
  • Personal satisfaction of doing it yourself
  • Fact:  Acrylic Splashbacks are 50% lighter than glass and are more flexible
  • Fact:  Faster to install than laying tiles and grout (no mould)
  • Fact: Acrylic Splashbacks are easy to clean
  • Fact: Our Acrylic is a high quality 6mm PMMA cast acrylic. It has less flex than other acrylics and polymer materials, so they sit perfectly on your wall without bending or rippling.


Before Small tiles

Make sure you create a good foundation before you install the splashback. Unlike in the image you can place the splashback over existing tiles but we recommend starting from scratch where possible.


After Acrylic Splashback with an insert behind the gas cooktop

Once complete, stand back and admire your handy work. You may need to give the splashback a clean as you’re likely to have it a bit dirty after installation. It’s that easy.

How To Use The Calculator

This calculator allows you to determine an estimated price for your Acrylic Splashback project painted in any “plain” color. Extra charges are: For Metallic colors, please add $40.00 m2 also Power point cut outs , polished edges, and shape cut outs.

You can calculate up to 7 panels at once by entering the details for each panel.

Remember to put your measurements in mm’s. For a detailed guide on how to get the correct measurements download our measurements guide and sample measurement.

Our minimum order for Acrylic Splashbacks is 1.5 m2 or $465.00 GST inclusive.

Please note: Acrylic Splashbacks cannot go behind a cooktop apart from induction cooktops.

FREIGHT: Please note freight will depend on the weight and size as well as the postcode we’re shipping to. Typical costs are $80-$160

The maximum length of our acrylic sheets is 3050mm and maximum height is 2030mm, the overall area of each panel must not exceed 4m²

If you have any questions feel free to call us or send drawings , plans or measurements as well as photos to info@ozziesplash.com.au

Dulux Visualiser App

Colour inspiration can be found just about anywhere; from a cushion or pair of shoes, to the flowers in your garden. Thanks to the Dulux Visualizer App it’s now easier than ever before to bring those colours to life in your home.

The easy to use app lets you pick a colour from anywhere, and, with augmented reality technology, allows you to see the colours live in your living space. And that’s not all. We’ll also offer you suggested colour schemes to help complete your look.

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DIY Installation Guide

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