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With smooth, reflective surfaces and uninterrupted lines, glass splashbacks can simply and effectively improve the overall look of your kitchen area.

1. Fuss-free Installation
Once you have decided you want a Glass or Mirror splashback, installation is a breeze. The Glass or Mirror is provided in one or more panels with pre-drilled holes, it is simply secured to the wall with a bonding agent. That means no mess!

2. Long Lasting Glass and Mirror Splashback
Glass can stand the test of time. It is ideal for kitchens or butlers’ pantries.
Since splashbacks are made from toughened Glass, they can stand up against scratches, wear and tear, food stains and spills and knocks.

3. Glam and Glossy
There is nothing quite like the shine and sheen of a glossy Glass or Mirror splashback. Its reflective surface opens the space, adds a touch of luxury and splashes light around the room year-round.

4. A Splashback in Every Colour
To create a custom kitchen that truly reflects you, the right colour palette is crucial. Luckily, glass splashbacks come in a rainbow of colours and shades – vibrant blues and reds, pink, daring black, sparkling white, gorgeous green – and any other colour you can imagine.

5. Added Extras
You can take your Glass or Mirror splashback higher in the style stakes with special features.
LED lights, or metallic paint options to create the custom kitchen of your dreams.

6. Stands the Heat
Glass and Mirror splashbacks can stand the heat, and so belong in the kitchen. That means you can cook up a storm without worrying about warping, blackening, fading, or cracking.

7. Easy to Change
After a few years, you may decide to give your kitchen, or entire home a little makeover. The splashback may be the easiest thing to replace. Simply change for shiny new Glass or Mirror panels and the entire space will be transformed.

8. Easy to Clean
Cleaning up in the kitchen is one of those loathed chores. But a Glass or Mirror splashback will save you time, as it is incredibly easy to keep clean. Simply spray, wipe, and move on to the next job.

9. Better for Your Health
Bacteria breeds in spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom, particularly on tile grout and in cracks. Since Glass and Mirror splashbacks are shiny, slippery surfaces with no grout, keeping bacteria at bay is a cinch.

10. Timeless
Whatever colour or design you choose for your Glass or Mirror splashback; it is unlikely to date any time soon. Glass and Mirror Splashbacks are timeless, forever contemporary and the perfect complement to your cooking space.

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