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Small job but excellent workman ship

Small job but excellent workman ship

I would love to thank both Oswald and Andrea for your exceptional efforts with my Bathroom project!

Both Oswald and Andrea have been an absolute delight through the first handshake to the last.

They both went well above what anyone could possible expect in every aspect of my project! On numerous occasions Oswald drove to my house after his day had ended to gather measurements and fitment sizes in order to have my project looking right. This job was a small job but a Very Detailed one!!
His advice, Professionalism, and attitude I could not fault, they have been very trustworthy and very kind hearted people.

The product looked AMAZING and done the exact way I wanted it to be done, without Oswald this wouldn’t have ever happened!

You are both THE BEST by far, business I have EVER delt with! You have got a lifetime customer.

From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.


small job Acrylic around a Bathtub

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