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Bathroom Ideas Using OzzieSplash Acrylic
Splashback – it goes over existing tiles

When you plan to renovate all or part of your home bathroom renovations are often at the top of the list. OzzieSplash
Acrylic Splashback offers a high quality, cost effective and time saving alternative to tiles and glass. We use only top
quality German materials that have stood the test of time, are durable, will maintain their lustre and, as there is no grout
to collect mould, require only minimum maintenance effort. DIY is also available.

Here are some bathroom design tips to help you with planning your bathroom makeover

  • Start by making a plan incorporating any bathroom ideas that appeal to you. Visualizing an end result will help us find the best possible solution for you.
  • Keep in mind that colours evoke a certain feeling when choosing the colour scheme for your bathroom makeover. We can paint our acrylic splashback to match almost any colour scheme.
  • Some minimal items can have a significant impact. Updating your bathroom accessories to compliment your new splashbacks can give your bathroom a completely new lease of life.
  • Most important of all, don’t cut corners with bathroom renovations. You could be tempted to save some money by going for low quality materials but that can work out very expensive in the long run. A professional installation of OzzieSplash ShowerSplash® can transform your bathroom in minimal time and at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on delivery of high quality splashback materials and services and making customer satisfaction our number one priority.

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